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Work Package 6

Healthcare-seeking Behaviour among Newly Arrived Adult Migrants

Work Package 6 was headed by Associate Professor Signe Smith Nielsen

Other staff: Camilla Wimmelmann

A prospective randomized study design was used. The randomization was implemented by assigning newly-arrived migrants to one of three groups who receive: I) a course of 10 hours on access to and optimal use of the Danish healthcare system based primarily on course material developed by the National Board of Health; II) written information in their mother tongue on the Danish healthcare system versus III) no information (current situation).

The study population consisted of 1,500 newly arrived migrants aged 18-64 attending VSK and CBSI Language Centre. The effects of the intervention was be measured in terms of how it affected the participants' knowledge about the healthcare system, healthcare-seeking behaviour, patient satisfaction and use of health services. Survey and registry data was collected before and after the intervention. Survey data included knowledge of the healthcare system, case vignettes (how the person will act in a hypothetic situation of harmless and serious illness), and patient satisfaction. The surveys was filled in at the language schools. Registry data on healthcare use from Statistics Denmark was collected one year after the intervention. 


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  • Ignorance is not bliss: The effect of systematic information on immigrants’ knowledge of and satisfaction with the Danish healthcare system. [Accepted]
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Information material: Information about Danish doctors and hospitals. 

-in Danish: Danske læger og hospitaler

-in English: Danish doctors and hospitals

-in Arabic: األطباء الدنماركيونوالمستشفياتالدنماركية

-in Urdu: ڈینش ڈاکٹرز اورہسپتال

-in Turkish: Danimarka hekimleri ve hastaneler

-in Thai: แพทย์เดนมาร์กและโรงพยาบาล

-in Polish: Duńscy lekarze i duńskie szpitale

-in Mandarin: 丹麦的医疗服务

-in Filipino: Danish doktor at hospital

Teaching materials: Knowledge on health and disease, doctors and hospitals in Denmark

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- For DU1 modul 3-5, DU2 and DU3 modul 2-4

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