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Work Package 1

Project Management, Coordination and Dissemination of Results

Work package 1 is headed by Professor Allan Krasnik

Other staff: Marie Nørredam and Janne Sørensen.

WP1 ensures that objectives are fulfilled, milestones achieved and deliverables produced according to the time plans and within the budget. Allan Krasnik will in collaboration with Marie Nørredam and Janne Sørensen as well as the Steering Committee take responsibility for the project management, day-to-day operations and coordination of the WPs.

WP1 will ensure continuous collaboration between the WPs, including workshops, seminars and research meetings, so that ideas, findings and reflections will be shared and discussed. WP1 will also take responsibility for the interaction with users and communication of results to the relevant practitioners, policy makers and managers, including the User Board during the whole project.